Juelz Santana On Serving Time, The Diplomats, His Career, New Music & More | Drink Champs [VIDEO]

Juelz Santa is a well-known artist, a Harlem, New York, US-born native, and a Dip Set rap group member. He started his rap career with his long-time friend, Malik, as a rap duo called “Draft Pick.” Juelz met fellow Harlem rapper Cameron through his cousin. A week later, Cam called and asked him to come to the studio to record a verse for the cut “Double Up” from Cam’s second album, “SDE,” which stands for Sex, Drugs, and Entertainment. Juelz released his entire debut album, “From Me To You,” on August 19, 2003, featuring the single “Santana’s Town,” which features a hook from Cam. Before releasing his follow-up, Juelz remained actively involved with The Diplomats’ popular mixtapes and finally had his second album, What the “Game’s Been Missing,” dropped in November 2005. The numbers exceeded its predecessor; the album gloriously sold 141,000 copies only weeks after the release date. Previously he released the album’s two singles, namely “Mic Check” and “There It Go (The Whistle),” the latter of which once successfully entered the Billboard Hot 100 charts, rounding out its Top 10 by December 22, while was ranked #11 in US R&B/Hip Hop and #10 in US Rap charts as well. Juelz stopped by Drink Champs to talk about his time served, The Diplomats, His Career, New Music & More.


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