Essentials for Music Producers

Being a Music Producer has its ups and downs, but with the right applied business knowledge, it can be a lucrative business. To start, you need a team. It would help if you had a manager and an attorney at the very least.
The manager role is the most crucial person in your professional life for artists and producers. They are like the general manager and CEO of your enterprise.

The most important aspects of a manager’s job are the following.
1). Helping You With Major Business Decisions. Example: record deals, publishing deals, advance, How much to ask for, ect.
2). Helping you with the creative process, Which songs to choose, Hiring other team members, ect.
3). Promoting your career by managing your social media, Coordinating your marketing and publicity, and showing off your music to everyone you meet.
4). Assembling your professional team by introducing you to lawyers, experienced agents, and managers and overseeing their work.
5). If you are an artist, they should coordinate your concert tours by working with your agents to ensure you get the best deals with promoters.
Working with your business manager to develop a budget, and supervise the tour personnel, to ensure everything runs smoothly. For producers, you want to ensure your manager has the contact information for all your clients and potential clients so they can coordinate meetings, confirm appointments, and guarantee the delivery of the products and services.
6). Pounding your record company to market and prioritize you as an artist or producer. Again, they are screaming at them when they do wrong and praising them when they do right.
7). Being a buffer between you and the outside world and handling all requests for your presence, charitable requests for money, taking the wrap for when you make mistakes and don’t want anyone to think you made. Managers typically get 15 to 20% for new artists, but you can negotiate with your manager.

If you are a new producer or artist just starting, typically, the manager gets Zero Dollars. That’s because there’s usually little or no money in the building process. Therefore the manager must be someone who believes in them so much that they are willing to work for free to ensure they obtain their dreams, goals, and aspirations.

When choosing a manager, you want someone young and energetic, not necessarily in age but at heart. Must have a love for music, enthusiasm, and willingness to kill for you. As a producer or artist, the real clout is your musical talent. You are a brand, it is important to treat your profession as a business, and it’s essential to practice business principles, I.E., Sales, Marketing, and Branding. Being a producer or artist is 20% The actual artistry and 80% Sales and Marketing. Even though it’s a business, you can’t necessarily follow business principles; you would have to tweak and adjust as you go along. For example, Giving away a free beat is a form of marketing that can lead to a sale or multiple sales from that same beat in the future. In other words, you will work without seeing immediate results because the reward comes in future payments. Artists don’t usually buy beats upfront: they will pay for it after they record a song and believe it’s good enough to release, then they will pay for it when ready to invest in themselves. Some artists will pay for a beat-up front or a beat snippet, but in most cases, they rap on them before paying for it.

Being a producer will open up your hidden abilities; for example, without you producing, you’ll never be an expert at marketing and sales. You realize you have more patience than you thought. You will recognize talent is essential, but this is not a talent show. You will know it will take a while before you can live off your talent. As a music producer or artist, you cannot rely solely on beat sales; you must exploit all income streams. Producers tend to live in their heads. Getting some of those ideas out of your head, onto some paper, and into action is essential. Producers are dreamers; they dream big. It is vital to ensure your dreams come true and subtract emotions. You have everything you need inside you. It would help if you were on social media and all the social platforms showing off your craft.

You should ensure your music is registered and on streaming and distribution platforms. Try to get sync licensing, which is very difficult; nevertheless, once obtained, you will receive residual income for life. I can’t stress the importance enough of focusing on your youtube channel. Social media is an excellent way to reach an audience and is like a storefront or window where you can display your service or products for the world to see. Youtube and Soundcloud should be your primary focus, especially youtube. You should also use and know about your google analytics. You want to know who is coming to your store, where they’re coming from, how long they stayed, and what their action was. You want to learn how to place an effective google sales ad appropriately; that will reach your desired goal for less money. You want to make sure you’re learning and teaching yourself each day. Keep in mind This is a business, and you have to understand business practices and principles to make your business successful.


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